This page contains the things I have written. Visit my projects page to see some of the highlights organised by topic, as well as projects that I have overseen or managed.


  1. working
    Global Assessment of the Relationship between Government Response Measures and COVID-19 Deaths Hale, Thomas; Hale, Andrew J.; Kira, Beatriz; Petherick, Anna; Phillips, Toby; Sridhar, Devi; Thompson, Robin; Webster, Samuel; and Angrist, Noam medRxiv working paper, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  2. op-ed
    Australia must look beyond the dirt – and dirty exports – to get out of a hole Phillips, Toby The New Daily, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  3. working
    Pandemic Governance Requires Understanding Socioeconomic Variation in Government and Citizen Responses to COVID-19 Hale, Thomas; Angrist, Noam; Kira, Beatriz; Goldszmidt, Rafael G.; Petherick, Anna; and Phillips, Toby Working paper SSRN ID 3641927, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  4. working
    Lockdown rollback checklist: do countries meet WHO recommendations for rolling back lockdown? Hale, Thomas; Phillips, Toby; Petherick, Anna; Kira, Beatriz; Angrist, Noam; and Webster, Sam BSG research note, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  5. working
    Using digital technologies to re-imagine cash transfers during the Covid-19 crisis Soon-Shiong, Nika; Qhotsokoane, Tebello; and Phillips, Toby Digital Pathways at Oxford Paper Series No. 2, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  6. working
    Digital technology governance: developing countries’ priorities and concerns Phillips, Toby; Kira, Beatriz; Tartakowsky, Andrea; Dolan, Jonathan; and Natih, Putu Digital Pathways at Oxford Paper Series No. 3, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  7. working
    Variation in government responses to COVID-19 Hale, Thomas; Angrist, Noam; Kira, Beatriz; Petherick, Anna; Phillips, Toby; and Webster, Sam BSG Working Paper Series BSG-WP-2020/032, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  8. brief
    Education during the COVID-19 crisis: Opportunities and constraints of using EdTech in low-income countries David, Raluca; Pellini, Arnaldo; Jordan, Katy; and Phillips, Toby Ed-Tech Hub and Blavatnik School of Government research brief, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  9. analysis
    It’s time to admit our COVID-19 ’exit strategy’ might just look like a more flexible version of lockdown Phillips, Toby The Conversation, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  10. blog
    Keeping a cool head – thinking about the covid-19 crisis Phillips, Toby Club Troppo, 2020 [Summary] [Link]
  11. blog
    A roadmap for digital-led economic development Phillips, Toby VoxEU CEPR Policy Portal, 2020 [Summary] [Link]


  1. analysis
    Governing Technological Disruption: policy and regulation for a digital age Phillips, Toby; and Kira, Beatriz Published in Oxford Government Review issue 4: The New Generations, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  2. report
    The Digital Roadmap: how developing countries can get ahead. Final report of the Pathways for Prosperity Commission. Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  3. analysis
    We have the tools and technology to work less and live better Phillips, Toby Aeon, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  4. report
    Digital diplomacy: technology governance for developing countries Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  5. policy tool
    Digital Economy Kit Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  6. report
    Positive disruption: health and education in a digital age Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2019 [Summary] [Link]
  7. blog
    What data dominance really means, and how countries can compete Phillips, Toby World Economic Forum – Agenda, 2019 [Summary] [Link]


  1. report
    Charting Pathways for Inclusive Growth: From Paralysis to Preparation Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2018 [Summary] [Link]
  2. report
    Digital Lives: Meaningful Connections for the Next 3 Billion Pathways for Prosperity Commission, 2018 [Summary] [Link]
  3. report
    A welfare generation: lifetime welfare transfers between generations Bangham, George; Finch, David; and Phillips, Toby Intergenerational Commission report (Resolution Foundation), 2018 [Summary] [Link]
  4. report
    Falling through the cracks: the widening gap between unemployment and benefit statistics Phillips, Toby Resolution Foundation report, 2018 [Summary] [Link]
  5. op-ed
    How 300,000 "forgotten people" are falling through cracks in the welfare system Phillips, Toby Prospect, 2018 [Summary] [Link]


  1. submission
    Data as capital: inequality and power in the information economy Submission to House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AIC0197), 2017 [Summary] [Link]
  2. blog
    Time to put away the credit card Phillips, Toby Resolution Foundation blog, 2017 [Summary] [Link]
  3. op-ed
    The bitter debate that we need to have about home ownership Phillips, Toby The Sydney Morning Herald, 2017 [Summary] [Link]