I work in public policy as a consultant, researcher, and adviser to governments and other organisations involved in the policymaking process. My work is largely about taking the latest research and turning this into pragmatic policy advice.

Currently, I am a researcher and manager at Oxford University, where I lead a team looking at how countries can make the most of digital transformation. We have a particular focus on developing countries – those most left behind by previous waves of economic change, and often the least prepared for the digital economy. I am also part of the team leading a global project tracking and understanding policy responses to Covid-19.

Before Oxford, I was a civil servant in the Australian government, where I worked across several departments – including the prime minister’s department – on several aspects of domestic policy: social security, aged care, disaster management, housing, higher education, and public finances. And I started life as a scientist, an organic chemist synthesising and analysing route-specific impurities from drug manufacture.

This website is a home for the online diaspora that is my work, writing and side projects. For the moment, these are summarised on my projects page, which I plan to build out with a better structure in the future.

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